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IRS Makes Minor Changes to Updated Form W-4 for 2023

The IRS Form W-4 is important for employers and employees, so any changes are always closely examined. While there are some minor changes for 2023, it is nothing like the 2020 long-awaited overhaul of the form that ushered in major revision...

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Understanding the Difference Between a Tax Attorney and a CPA

elderly woman speaking with a tax attorney
Certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax attorneys are professionals who can help you with tax-related services and financial planning, b...
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Will There be Major Changes to IRS Tax Laws in 2023?

Taxes 2023
2022 is about to be put to bed, so that means we must look ahead to 2023, and for taxpayers that requires keeping up with coming IRS tax cha...
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How End-of-the-Year Giving Can Help Reduce Your Tax Burden

End of Year Giving
Taxpayers that did not donate to their favorite charities on Giving Tuesday last month still have time for year-end giving that can help red...
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